Terms of Use & Privacy Policy KidsPriorityOne is a program of the YMCA of South Hampton Roads in partnership with the Kiwanis Children's Council of Hampton Roads.

KidsPriorityOne is an Information and Referral Service, which means, we Connect Children & Families with Resources. This is accomplished by maintaining the contents of this website and by taking phone calls for service linkage on our Information Line at 757-CHILDREN (244-5373), during weekday business hours. At this time, KidsPriorityOne does not provide direct services to children or families. 

In our mission to serve children and families of Hampton Roads, this website was created to direct visitors to useful resources for raising healthy, happy, productive young people - from conception into adulthood.  It also contains resources for parents, caregivers, educators, and human service professionals working with local familes.

The Database on this website contains information on approximately 650 organizations across Hampton Roads.  While each one was verified prior to being admitted to the database, please realize that businesses sometimes close, programs may not always be offered, and websites and links sometimes change or do not work properly. 

The YMCA, KidsPriorityOne, nor the Kiwanis Children Council or Kiwanis International, are offering endorsements of any program or agency contained in the KidsPriorityOne Database or overall KidsPriorityOne website. 

We encourage you to investigate resources and information available on this website, while exercising caution before trusting anyone with your children's and family's needs. 

Should you find concerns with any service or information found here, we encourage you to inform us via e-mail or by calling the number below.

We hope you will find the information here useful as you care for your children and families.  We welcome you to contribute to the content of this website and database by e-mailing us with information on services we may wish to consider for this valuable resource.

E-mail us at or call 757-244-5373