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“Drive Alive -

Richmond Teen Driving Study"            

What are your texting

and driving habits?

MARKS & HARRISON, Attorneys at Law 

In recent years, many surveys have been conducted of teenage drivers in order to obtain a better understanding of their distracted driving behaviors and to develop strategies for addressing those behaviors.

However, most surveys have been done at a national level. This survey focused on teen drivers living in a specific community – the metropolitan area of Richmond, Virginia.

In this study, we conducted an online survey in March 2015 of high school students from within the Richmond community. A total of 238 teens participated in the study. However, 15 teens were excluded from our analysis of the survey results because they reported that they had not yet started driving.


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KidsPriorityOne has taken the guess work out of finding JOB SEARCH SITES, and college & tech school websites.  Click any link on this page to find more!  This is a great place to start.  Many employers accept on-line applications.  And colleges are happy to send you a catalog - just drop them a email note from the website. 

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