Parenting Classes in Hampton Roads



Classes vary by topic, age of children,
duration, level of intensity and their
requirements for completion.                 

 - we recommend you 
discuss the class w/ the referral sources
before enrolling.

Below is a guide to help find what you need.    

HRPEN* (Hampton Roads Parent Education
Network) Member Brochure          


1. One-Time Parenting Workshop.  Topics vary:  Minor/typical behavior and discipline challenges,
child development, tips for parenting children w/ special needs, managing stress, baby care and more. 

  • WILL NOT meet the requirements of Social Service referrals or Court Orders.

2.  Co-Parenting Class (4-Hour) - for parents Court-ordered due to divorce, separation and/or
custody disputes or shared custody.
  Cost of usually $50.  Ask if sliding scale is available.

  • Classes are held by court-approved providers, evenings and weekends most every week. 
    Find those classes HERE.

  • This 4-hour class WILL NOTE meet the requirements of Social Services/CPS.

3.  Multi-session Parenting Classes (Level 2/Secondary Education/Skill Development.  Usually 4-14 weeks). 
Topics relate to more serious discipine/ behavior/ anger management issues, skill development for parents w/
children w/ special needs, and more.  Find HRPEN member providers of those classes HERE.
SEARCH our complete listing of Parent Education providers HERE.  

  • These classes are great for all parents, and may meet the requirements if you are involved with Social Services.  
  • To receive a certificate - strict attendance requirements must be met.

4.  Intensive Parenting Classes - with Parents and Children together (Level 3/Intervention/Skill Development -
usually 10-20+ weeks).  These classes may be group or home-based, or a combination.  Examples - Nurturing Parenting,
Strengthening Families, Intensive In-Home Counseling/Parenting Education.  This level of class is recommended for
parents w/ histories of struggling to effectively parent, a history of children placed outside of the home; there
may be involvement w/ CPS (Child Protective Services).

For a more extensive guide and descriptions of the levels and purposes of the classes - click HERE.

*The members of Hampton Roads Parent Education Network offer non-punitive parenting education and intervention. 
Contact the providers and inquire what classes they offer, the purpose of the class, and dates and times
Some classes are free, while others require a fee.