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Positive Discipline - Women's Parenting Class and Support Group

Positive Discipline teaches parents that you can be kind AND firm at the same.  "Connect before you correct...See mistakes as opportunities to learn rather than punish."

In this 8 week series, moms and other women caretakers will learn how to create a home environment where children of all ages feel a sense of belonging and significance; where behavior challenges can be addressed more effectively and avoided in the future.  

Help children learn to think through and solve their own challenges, and to learn from mistakes; rather than relying on punishment that can lead to feelings of guilt, resentment and rebellion.   

Positive Discipline, a curriculum developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, helps parents uncover the mistaken goals of misbehavior, and emphasizes the need for children to feel connected to the adults who care for them.  Parents will discuss their real-life parenting challenges and find positive tools to apply in the home. 

Space is limited.   Call to register, or attend first class!

Room 212.  Child care is not provided.  Class is for women only.

Category: Parenting children w/ disabilities, Parenting Teens, Parenting School Age, Parenting Early Childhood, Expecting parents/prenatal classes, General parent education

Parents/Caregivers/Other adults
Women only

Admission: Free

Additional Info:
Free snacks
Transportation provided
Certificate awarded

Event Time:
Jan 28, 20196:00PM-8:00PM
Mar 18, 20196:00PM-8:00PM

Event Location:
Project Link, Virginia Beach Human Services (handicap accessible)
Pembroke 6, 289 Independence Blvd., Suite 212
Virginia Beach VA, 23462

Host Organization:
Project Link - Virginia Beach Human Services (non-profit)
Pembroke Six - Independence and Virginia Beach Blvd. Room 21
Virginia Beach VA, 23462

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