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SHELL Class - Empowerment 101

These classes are an offshoot from our Life Skills program and they are for teen aged boys and girls age 13-17. S.H.E.L.L. stands for Safe, Healthy, Ethical and Lifelong sustaining behaviors in the community.These classes are free and open to the public! Parents are welcomed to attend, but are not required. This class will give teens the tools needed to do the right thing and make good, conscious decisions. We will give examples of how to make a difference in the world and why that is important.

We discuss influences of the media on our lives, and how to better filter what we see and hear. They learn about the importance of paying attention to the effects their actions have of their "Circle of Responsibility" (self, home, school, community, world), and how to change their actions if necessary. This includes their use of social media. We stress the importance of education, helpfulness, volunteerism, and community involvement. This class has a parental component as well. We will talk to parents about communicating with your child, consequences of bad behavior, household expectations and much more.

This is a great class for ALL teens! If you have any questions contact Lori VanHorn 382-8182 or

Category: Teen Workshops

Audience: Teens (and parents)

Admission: Free

Additional Info:
Pre-registration required

Event Time:
Nov 8, 20176:30pm-8:30pm

Event Location:
J & D Court Building
301 Albemarle Drive
Chesapeake VA, 23322

Host Organization:
Chesapeake Community Programs (non-profit)
301 Albemarle Drive
Chesapeake VA, 23322

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