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The KidsPriorityOne (KPO) Community Calendar is for kids, families, and anyone working with kids and families—early childhood educators, school teachers, counselors, recreation programs, social workers, medical professionals, and others serving families in positive ways!

The KPO Community Calendar is designed to capture events that are time-limited, versus an ongoing program or service.

Events of the following categories are suitable for posting on The KPO Community Calendar:

  • Parent Education
  • Disabilities Training
  • Child Development Training
  • Family Fun (Festivals, arts, music, general recreation, education, and more)
  • Teen Workshops
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Public Interest Events effecting families
  • Professional Development Training

The KidsPriorityOne Community Calendar is made possible thanks to the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation, the Kiwanis Children's Council of Hampton Roads, and many other community supporters.

NOTE: For all parent education workshops—The event/workshop should present strategies for improved parenting skills through education on such topics as child development, positive communication and respected parenting methods. If your organization is not known to KidsPriorityOne, a training outline may be requested before your event is posted.

NO PHYSICAL/CORPORAL PUNISHMENT CLAUSE: The consortium which oversees this calendar does not support use of physical/ corporal punishment of children. Therefore, if such methods are being taught in your workshop, we will not be able to post your listing.

If you are prepared to guarantee that corporal punishment is not being taught, and will not be taught in any future workshop, enter your initials here , and please continue completing this form.

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